Ethica Group approves 2018 results

Milan, 11 April 2019 – Recently, the Board of Directors of Ethica Holding S.p.A., has approved the 2018 results of the companies of Ethica Group.

The group reported a total turnover of more than 11 million euros for the financial year just ended. This resulted in an EBITDA of about 4 million euros, a net profit of more than 2 million euros and an NFP of about 7 million euros.

This is the fruition of 28 transactions concluded by the group during the last financial year. To give some details for 2018, 14 Debt Advisory transactions were completed, in addition to 12 M&A transactions. On the equity investment side, two transactions were completed, the first for the start-up Get MyCar, which was followed last October by the acquisition of the majority stake in Gia from the Star Capital fund.

On the funding front, the Group’s investment holding company – Ethica Global Investments S.p.A. – reached an endowment of over 50 million euros by the end of the year, which amounted to approximately 70 million euro by the end of March.

The partners are all Italian entrepreneurs, with whom Ethica has always maintained stable relationships. Recently they have been joined by employees of the Group, as well as friends and professionals close to the world Ethica. These have been grouped in the corporate vehicle Ethica Friends S.r.l., which has become the main individual partner of the investment holding company.

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