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Risparmio Casa

Ethica Corporate Finance support Risparmio Casa to find a partner

Ethica Corporate Finance (Ethica) assisted Risparmio Casa, the Italian leader of home and personal care products, in consolidating its partnership with H.I.G. WhiteHorse – Division of H.I.G. Capital.

Ethica, with a team composed of Cosimo Vitola, Giorgio Carere, Paola Merletti and Marco Coppola, accompanied the Battistelli family on a four-year journey. This began with the rationalisation of the corporate structure and the reorganising of the Group and ended with the identification of the ideal partner for the implementation of a growth plan drawn up by the management. Ethica, as a financial advisor, supported the Battistelli family throughout all the phases of this process until the completion of the operation.

Fabio and Stefano Battistelli, co-founders of Risparmio Casa, commented, “in recent years the work done alongside Ethica has led us to acquire the tools that will lead Risparmio Casa towards sustainable growth. We believe that our current organisation, enriched by the presence of H.I.G. and a consolidated strategy, will contribute to a new phase of expansion of the Group.”

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