Transaction details


Ethica Corporate Finance advised Finproject in the acquisition of the Canadian Foam Creations

Founded in 1965 by Euro Vecchiola, Finproject is today an integrated Group operating in the production of compounds and in the molding of plastic materials in expanded polyolefins. The continuous research on materials and the close integration between the compounds and the molding division has allowed the company to develop innovative materials with a high technological content and to ensure a recognized technological leadership.

Finproject is based in Morrovalle, in the province of Macerata, and employs approximately 400 people in plants located in Italy, Romania, Canada, India and China.

Foam Creations is a company specialized in the injection molding of plastic foams for various industries and applications. The company was founded in 1995 in Canada and was originally controlled by the American Crocs Inc., which sells under its own brand light plastic clogs.