Transaction details

Ravin Cables Ltd

Ethica Corporate Finance advised the shareholders of Ravin Cables Ltd in the sale of 51% of the company to Prysmian

Ravin Cables Ltd is an Indian cable manufacturer, producing low and medium voltage cables and a market that also covers Africa and the Middle East. In addition to the main Pune plant, near Mumbai, Ravin is present in the Arab Emirate of Fujairah.

Prysmian is a leading player in the field of high-tech cables and energy systems and telecommunications. The company has branches in 38 countries, around 12,000 employees and a turnover of around €5€ bln.

Fabio Romeo, CCO of Prysmian, commented: “Our goal is to conquer a share of about 10% of the Indian market. Leveraging on Prysmian’s technology, skills, and track record, we believe Ravin Cables can become one of the top three Indian players in the industry”.