Transaction details


Ethica Group assisted Ebit (Esaote Group) in obtaining a non-repayable grant and a subsidized loan from the PNRR Funds from the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy

Ethica Group, with the Debt Advisory team, assisted the company Ebit S.r.l. in obtaining a subsidized loan and a grant from the funds of the PNRR. Ebit is part of the Esaote Group, operating in the field of Information Technology in Healthcare with applications to diagnostic imaging, in particular in the sector of highly specialized application and clinical software for the archiving, transmission, processing, reporting and distribution of images and medical data (RIS-CVIS-PACS systems). The industrial research and experimental development project was presented in partnership with the Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health of the University of Milan under the measure Agreements for Innovation – First branch pursuant to Ministerial Decrees 31 December 2021 and D.D. 18 March 2022, financed with PNRR funds. The SIRPAC project aims to prototype a new multidisciplinary RIS-CVIS-PACS system dedicated to optimized reporting, multidisciplinary diagnostic imaging and patient-centric predictive research through the development of new platforms, architectures and applications based on artificial intelligence.