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Ethica Group assisted the Esaote Group in obtaining a grant and a subsidized loan from the PNRR Funds from the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy

Ethica Group, with the Debt Advisory team, assisted the Esaote Group in obtaining a subsidized loan and a non-repayable contribution from the PNRR Funds. The Esaote Group is one of the leading global manufacturers of medical diagnostic systems, a European leader in the production of ultrasound and an international leader in dedicated MRI, with a turnover of over €230 million in 2021. The concessions, granted by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, are aimed at supporting a complex industrial research and experimental development program planned for the three-year period 2023-2025. The subsidy was granted under the measure Agreements for Innovation – First branch pursuant to Ministerial Decrees 31 December 2021 and D.D. 18 March 2022, financed with PNRR funds. The research and development project IMAGINIS (Non-Invasive IMAGing for new healthcare assistance models) falls within the field of ultrasound and ultrasound diagnostics in which the company is an international leader. The final objective of the project is to develop new technologies and applications of non-invasive diagnostic imaging in relation to the modification of the hospital-territorial healthcare organization, increasingly geared towards a “patient-centric” model, and of the new digital infrastructures they are making available.