Transaction details


Ethica Global Investments acquires a majority stakes in the capital of Osar, leader in the polar impellers production

Ethica Global Investments (EGI) acquired 90% of Osar S.r.l., that operates in the hot forging sector with a focus on the production of special components (polar claws) for alternators for the automotive sector.

Osar was founded in 1995 by the merger of Ospa with Osar. To date, it has produced 13 million polar impellers for the automotive sector. The company, which employs 95 people and has its head offices in Robassomero, Turin, closed 2017 with 26.8 million euros in revenues.

The Salvi Family, founders of Osar, will maintain their operational roles and reinvested 10% in it, in a logic of continuity with the previous management. Nicola Salvi said that, under the guidance of the new ownership, the company is moving towards a future growth and development.