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Ethica Global Investments acquired a 67.5% stake of Resitape S.r.l.

Ethica Global Investments acquired, through a Leveraged Buy-Out transaction, a 67.5% stake of Resitape S.r.l., a company specialized in the manufacturing of tapes and yards in PTFE addressed to a various number of industrial applications.

Founded in 1962 in Liscate (MI), Resitape is one of the main player of its niche, specialized in PTFE manufacturing through extrusion, stretching, sintering and cut processes. In particular the company manufactures yards and tapes, most of them designed on the base of specific requirements requested by its customers, operating in heterogeneous industries, like aerospace (high performance tapes for wire and cable), industrial and sanitation (tapes and yarns for sealing), oral-care (dental floss), textile (high performance filaments and yarns for threads and fabrics) and medical (tapes for medical devices).

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