Transaction details

Ethica Group financial advisor of Profiltubi (Auctus) on the acquisition of Officine Metallurgiche Ventura

Ethica Group acted as financial advisor on the acquisition of Officine Metallurgiche Ventura S.p.A. (OMV) by Profiltubi, a company active in the production of electro-welded steel tubes of multiple shapes and sizes controlled by the German private equity fund Auctus CP.

OMV, founded in 1961 by Lino Ventura with the strategic idea of ​​producing high-precision steel tubes for various qualified industrial sectors with a particular focus on the furniture market, over the years has been able to further develop its product portfolio. and the materials used (aluminum, zinc, zinc magnesium, dual phase), with the aim of entering new markets and diversifying the customer base.

Today OMV is recognized as one of the main Italian players in the automotive sector, in which the company has developed specific products and expertise and will strengthen the presence of Profiltubi on all markets, with the expansion of the range of products offered and entry into new markets.

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