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Scuola Notarile Viggiani

Etica Group alongside Alpha Test during Scuola Notarile Viggiani entry in the Group

Ethica Group assisted Alpha Test during the entrance in the Group of Scuola Notarile Viggiani, a leading company in Italy for preparing students for notary, legal and judicial exams.

Founded in 2010 by Raffaele Viggiani, director and teacher of the Viggiani Notary School, the Legal and Judiciary School, is characterized by an innovative, digital, original and high quality teaching method.

This operation represents for Alpha Test, backed by White Bridge Investments since 2020, the first step towards the creation of Law Camp, a digital school dedicated to legal professions that will offer new training courses in forensic, judiciary and public administration sectors. The Law Camp will adopt a very different approach from other players in the sector, being strongly centered on the student, offering study plan customization and adopting new and unconventional digital learning tools.

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