Transaction details


Ethica Global Investments acquired a stake of approx. 40%, of Elledue S.r.l., controlling holding of Ideal S.r.l. and Biemme S.r.l.

Ethica Global Investments acquired, through a capital increase, a qualified minority stake of approximately 40% of Elledue Srl, controlling holding of Ideal Srl, focused on engineering and production of components for small metal parts for glasses, and of Biemme Srl, leader in surface finishing, electroplating and varnishing for eyewear.

Ideal, founded in 1983 in Quero (Belluno), is a strategic supplier to the Italian eyewear district and serves the main players in the sector. The company has aimed at a positioning made of innovation and service excellence, based on rapid response and operational flexibility, thanks to a team of about 100 collaborators that realizes 100% of production on the production site owned of about 10,000 square meters.

Biemme, founded in 2000 in Valdobbiadene (Treviso) specializes in surface treatments (electroplating and varnishing) and manufacturing (plating, glazing and laser engraving) for Luxury and High-end eyewear. 100% of the production and components used by Biemme is Italian, thanks to a team of about 60 employees who work in a production site of around 2,000 square meters in Valdobbiadene.