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Ethica Global Investments, through GIA, acquires Vorpa

Ethica Global Investments, through its subsidiary GIA, has acquired 76% of Vorpa, a company active in the production and marketing of anchors and fastening systems in the construction sector.

Vorpa, based in Riccione, founded in 1993, manufactures and markets anchors and fastening systems for the construction sector and in particular mechanical and chemical anchors, light and extended anchors and collars for pipes.

Distribution, mainly oriented towards the domestic market, is aimed at distribution networks specialized in the building and hardware channels. The GIA Group, now made up of GIA S.p.A. and Niccons Italy S.r.l., under the supervision of the CEO Fabrizio Pasquini, will further invest in the strengthening of the distribution networks and in the continuous development of products and processes, capitalizing on the strong opportunities for product/channel synergy between the three companies.

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